CPR, First Aid, and other Classes

All Pro CPR of Colorado, LLC specializes in providing CPR, First Aid, AED, ACLS, PALS and Bloodborne Pathogen classes for individuals and organizations such as Healthcare Providers, Long Term Care Facilities, Childcare Providers, Summer Camps, Schools, Churches, Clubs and Businesses in the Denver Metropolitan Area. All Pro is excited to now be offering Child and Babysitting Safety courses, as well.

Dennis Hollister, Founder of All Pro CPR has been conducting health and safety training courses for over 20 years. Classes are taught according to strict national standards, and certification is offered through either The American Safety and Health Institute (ASHI), The American Heart Association (AHA) or Medic First Aid. All classes are taught by experienced, professional health care providers such as Firefighters, EMT's, Paramedics and Nurses.

Our fun, hands-on approach to teaching, combined with highly skilled and experienced instructors, promotes an atmosphere that allows our students to retain more knowledge.

All of our course instructors are currently or have been employed in the field of Emergency Medicine and First Response, and have years of combined emergency medical experience. They bring with them not only the knowledge found in the textbooks, but the experience of real life situations.

Group classes are conveniently conducted "on-site" at your location (or ours) at the date and time of your choice.

All of our programs can be tailored to meet your group or organization’s specific needs.

All Pro CPR is an approved training center by the Colorado Department of Human Services Division of Childcare.

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Our Courses

CPR For the Community and Workplace

3-4 hours (Time varies based on class size)

CPR (Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation) for the Community teaches students the lifesaving steps to follow in case of Sudden Cardiac Arrest (adults, children and infants.) This course also discusses safety for the rescuer from infectious disease, recognizing emergencies such as choking, heart attack and stroke, and the importance of CPR in the Chain of Survival.

This course is intended for audiences who do not work in the health care field but are occupationally required, or just desire to have CPR knowledge and skills, such as emergency response teams in business and industry, bus drivers, child care workers, teachers, parents and babysitters.

CPR for the Community discusses Universal Precautions, Legalities involved in performing CPR, and recognizing emergencies such as Choking, Sudden Cardiac Arrest, Heart Attack and Stroke.

The emergency action steps are discussed and then practiced in a hands on atmosphere, ensuring students are ready to act in case of an emergency. AED may be discussed/taught if chosen as part of the curriculum for the class the students request.

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CPR PRO For Professional Rescuers

3.5-4.5 hours (Time varies based on class size)

CPR PRO is offered for Healthcare Providers who require CPR certification for their job in the healthcare profession. CPR PRO expands on CPR for the Community in that it covers use of an Automated External Defibrillator, as well as having an emphasis on the use of tools that professionals may have access to, such as bag valve masks.

This course is intended for health care providers, first responders and professional rescuers in and outside the hospital or for those needing professional level basic life support training as a job requirement.

Along with meeting the objectives of CPR for the Community and Workplace, CPR Pro discusses objectives more pertinent to health care professionals, such as use of a Bag/Valve/Mask, AED training and coordination and team work during medical emergencies.

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Automated External Defibrillator (AED)

1/2 to 1.5 hrs (Time varies based on class size)

All Pro CPR offers AED training that can be included in our CPR or First Aid courses, or can be taken as a stand alone course, if desired. This course is ideal for businesses that have purchased, or are thinking of purchasing an AED for their business. Studies show that having an AED immediately available in Sudden Cardiac Arrest situations can greatly increase the chance of survival for the victim.

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Basic First Aid for the Community and Workplace

2.5-4.5 hours (Time varies based on class size)

Basic First Aid teaches students to recognize emergencies, and how to handle these situations until professional help arrives. This course covers emergencies such as heart attack, stroke, diabetes, seizures, bleeding and shock, among many others. Offered alone or in conjunction with any of our other courses.

Our Basic First Aid Course gives the student a new angle from most first aid courses. Taught by Paramedics, we not only cover the First Aid curriculum, but we also give the angle of what helps us as we respond to your emergencies, and what you can expect when we arrive.

Medical emergencies can be scary to the public, and we help to take the mystery out of emergencies such as: Heart attack, stroke, diabetes, seizures, bleeding and shock, heat and cold emergencies, poisonings, bites and stings, etc. This course also discusses Universal Precautions, Provider Safety,and Legal Aspects of providing help in an emergency. This course meets the recommendations set forth by the National First Aid Science Advisory Board.

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Bloodborne Pathogens/Universal Precautions

2-4 hours (Time varies based on class size)

This course is designed to provide the education required by OSHA’s Bloodborne Pathogens Standard (29CFR 1910.1030)

Many employers require a bloodborne pathogens education course which meets the requirements of OSHA standard 29 CFR 1910.1030. This course meets that standard, discussing: infection control terminology, how disease is transmitted, the use of methods and tools to avoid transmission, as well as the procedure to follow in case of exposure to a bloodborne disease.

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ACLS (Advanced Cardiac Life Support)

4-12 hours (Time varies based on experience, class size)

Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS) is offered by All Pro CPR and taught to the standards set forth by the American Heart Association. ACLS courses are offered to healthcare professionals who require ACLS for their employment. Students who enroll in ACLS must first have a working understanding of basic cardiology and must complete a pre-test (provided in the student ACLS manual.) ACLS courses are not scheduled regularly as a public offering by All Pro, but instead are offered as a private course, or as a course provided at your facility for your staff. Please contact us for more information.

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Child and Babysitting Safety Course

(Time depends on class size)

The Child and Babysitting Safety Course is developed to familiarize and to provide teens (recommended age 12 and up) and young adults with the basic knowledge and skills to care for infants and children. The course introduces students to some of the basics in becoming a "babysitter for hire," and then goes extensively into teaching preparedness for the challenges they will face as babysitters and child caregivers. Some topics covered: Starting their business, choosing clientelle, dealing with strangers and phone calls, feeding, diapering, safety, play time, bed time, first aid and CPR. This is a fabulous class to bring to your group of boy scouts, church groups, girl scouts, etc. Pricing dependant on group size.

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Dennis Hollister

Founder, Lead Instructor
B.A.. –Communications, Western State College of Colorado

Dennis works full time as a career Firefighter/Paramedic at West Metro Fire Rescue. On the job, Dennis practices life saving skills on a daily basis, such as those taught in our courses. Before his job as a firemedic, Dennis worked several years for The Denver Health Medical Center Paramedic Division, and before that as a Paramedic in Gunnison, CO where he went to school.

Over his 25 year career in Emergency Medicine, Dennis has always been involved in education, teaching a variety of healthcare courses, from EMT classes to Advanced Cardiac Life Support, Pediatric Advanced Life Support, First Aid, and of course, CPR courses.

Mike Harvey

Colorado Springs
BLS Instructor

Mike Harvey is a career Firefighter of 12 years and a Paramedic for 8 years of that, 5 of which he as spent as a Paramedic Technician (taking new Paramedics through department training, getting them "ready for the streets.") Mike is taking on the city of Colorado Springs.

Mike's main focus in life is his wife and two children, but his youth and energy have gotten him great feedback on his courses from day one. His dedication to providing quality courses to the Colorado Springs and Pueblo area are evidenced by the amazing growth we have witnessed in our "southern region."

Jarrod Leonard

Evergreen / Bailey / Front Range
BLS Instructor

Jarrod is our newest addition to the team. Also a Firefighter Paramedic at West Metro.


Here's what some of our past students have to say about our teaching.

Dennis taught me infant CPR following the birth of my first child over 12 years ago. His experience helped me save my son's life when he choked on a piece of candy. I can't thank him enough!

Melissa S.

His use of concrete and real life examples will make the information stick. Easier to remember to do something if you understand why you’re doing it.

Jodi L.

I will absolutely be recommending my co-workers come here for their recerts.

Cinde P.

Best class I've been in... and I've been in a lot.

Noelle L.

Why didn't we have instructors like you in nursing school? I wouldn't have had to drink nearly as much coffee to stay awake..

Wendy H.

After years of recerts, I never thought I would see the day I would enjoy a CPR class.

Lisa W.

Dennis made me feel confident that I could perform these steps even in a stressful situation.

Sharon H.

Great….best instructor I've ever had.


Best, most knowledgeable, real life advice, explanations, and instruction I've ever received.


Instructor was thorough and very knowledgeable – he gave us practical information so we would remember things better down the road.


(he) was very approachable and easy to understand.


He made me feel much more at ease about this sort of situation. The class was very informative.


About All Pro CPR

All Pro CPR of Colorado, LLC was formed in 2008. After years of teaching courses for other companies, we decided that putting on courses ourselves would be the best way to ensure we, the instructors, were in full control of the quality of courses we are teaching.

Sponsoring the courses ourselves, instead of working for others, has enabled us to limit class sizes, ensuring a high quality, enjoyable experience for every student. We are also now better able to cater our courses to each individual’s or groups’ needs, providing a more relevant education for all of our students. For instance, All Pro is able to offer Spanish speaking courses, a need that we feel other companies have not successfully addressed.

All Pro’s owners and instructors are all currently in, or have years of experience in, the health care profession. When you choose us, you know you will get an instructor who has used all of these life saving skills in his or her everyday job, ensuring that you’re learning how it really goes, not just how a book tells you it should go.

Our Firefighter, EMT, Paramedic and/or Registered Nurse instructors will teach you CPR and First Aid in a hands on manner, including you in your learning experience in such a way that you can become comfortable with performing these potentially life saving skills.

All Pro CPR offers CPR for the Community, or for Healthcare Providers; Automated External Defibrillator (AED) training, First Aid, and Bloodborne Pathogen courses. All Pro also offers ACLS classes with certification through the American Heart Association. All courses except ACLS offered in Spanish as well. Contact us today to find out which course is right for you!