Testimonials from past students.

  • Dennis taught me infant CPR following the birth of my first child over 12 years ago. His experience helped me save my son's life when he choked on a piece of candy. I can't thank him enough!
    Melissa S.
  • His use of concrete and real life examples will make the information stick. Easier to remember to do something if you understand why you’re doing it.
    Jodi L.
  • I will absolutely be recommending my co-workers come here for their recerts.
    Cinde P.
  • Best class I’ve been in…and I’ve been in a lot.
    Noelle L.
  • Why didn’t we have instructors like you in nursing school? I wouldn’t have had to drink nearly as much coffee to stay awake..
    Wendy H.
  • After years of recerts, I never thought I would see the day I would enjoy a CPR class.
    Lisa W.
  • Dennis made me feel confident that I could perform these steps even in a stressful situation.
    Sharon H.
  • Great….best instructor I’ve ever had.
  • Best, most knowledgeable, real life advice, explanations, and instruction I’ve ever received.
  • Instructor was thorough and very knowledgeable – he gave us practical information so we would remember things better down the road.
  • (he) was very approachable and easy to understand.
  • He made me feel much more at ease about this sort of situation. The class was very informative.